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Producer Joe, Mon, 23 Feb 2009 13:45:00 GMT


segment 1–charlie marlow filling in for tim mckernan, doug does not expect to be praised for his hard hitting journalism, union rules for cameramen, the new 2fox offices are very nice but there is a lack of food options, and trying to learn anything from spring training is very difficult—click here to listen







segment 2–slumdog millionaire brings lots of people to the stage at the oscars, the cat has no desire to a comic book movie, charlie’s brother is a nerd, charlie is still attempting to defend his terrible story, parents are to blame for bad children, and the cat has stolen merchandise from his school when he was younger—click here to listen






segment 3–the cat is proud of the fact that he has not stolen since his younger days, doug will not drink bottled water, and doug went to the slu game on saturday and said that he had a blast—click here to listen






segment 4–erik johnson of the st. louis blues joins the show to discuss his theme music, getting back on the ice after about 6 months, how hard is it to get back in the groove, working towards getting ready for next year, if the blues made the playoffs would he have a shot at being ready, and how has he spent the time without hockey—click here to listen






segment 5–the irish really like to drink with every meal, no one is fatter than americans, charlie calls soda pop, charlie tells stories of being drunk in ireland, american women are the best looking ladies in the world, the brits have terrible teeth, and major leaguers feeling the crunch in the economy as well—click here to listen






segment 6–joe strauss joins the show to discuss an intersquad game in jupiter today, the rush to quick judgments that always occurs in spring training, carp continues to throw smoothly, on the negative side carpenter can not afford to have a minor setback, if carpenter goes down at some point everything gets changed up, and how is the 3rd base challenge going—click here to listen






segment 7–doug thinks that skip schumaker could design a stimulus package that we would all be happy with, what is the difference between an outfielder playing first and an outfielder playing second, doug gets all kinds of fired up when talking about skip, and there will be a senior living home that will be perfect for doug in the near future—click here to listen






segment 8–chris kerber joins the show to discuss skip schumaker at second base, disappointing loss on saturday night against the preds, what can be done to increase the scoring for the blues, the changes in the lines, and the blues need to find ways to win in regulation—click here to listen






segment 9–the ticket guys email of the day—click here to listen