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Producer Joe, Mon, 09 Feb 2009 13:41:00 GMT

segment 1–a show chock full of goodness, why is the cat dressed to the nine’s today, doug really wants mizzou to be ranked, were the guys shocked that manny legace was sent through the waiver process, manny was not really happy in st. louis, the blues are playing good hockey right now, and the cat is pretty sure that the world is headed to hell in  a hand basket pretty soon—click here to listen






segment 2–the thought of rudy having a crush on tim still haunts the cat, alex rodriguez is in some hot water, how surprised are the guys about this, 103 more names on the list, the steroids story is one that keeps on giving, the hof questions that come along with this, fans don’t care about the hall of fame they root for their team, and how does this change the way that fans will look back on the stats of this era—click here to listen






segment 3–joe buck joins the show to talk about a potpourri of topics, joe is a one man stimulus package, what is his hbo show going to be like, bring back buzz, not wanting to have to uproot his family so that he could go and do a show, will it be a sports heavy show, was he shocked to hear about arod, how far back does the steroid era go in sports, and will the players stand up for what is right—click here to listen






segment 4–scott van pelt is in some trouble for comments that he made about bud selig last week on his radio show with audio, van pelt has been suspended for his comments but there doesn’t seem to be much there to get upset about—click here to listen






segment 5–blues head coach andy murray joins the show to discuss the sequence of events that lead to manny legace being waived by the team, when you hear talk about the young guys it means for their development, this was performance related, ben bishop will still get time between the pipes in peoria, and how does getting consistent play from chris mason help this team right now—click here to listen






segment 6–joe strauss writes that skip schumaker will get a shot at 2b, if skip makes 8 more errors than kennedy its not a big deal, doug is ready to move wainwright to the field as well, doug knew that ankiel would be able to make the move successfully, and doug is looking to bring rams players into the cardinals now—click here to listen






segment 7–tim had a big sunday on kmov yesterday, whitney houston kind of went off script last night when presenting an award at the grammy’s, whitney was dressed very nicely, sheldon richardson kind of had an alex barron moment on saturday night and then no showed on sunday night, and the sunday night shows are continuing to change—click here to listen






segment 8–former mizzou head basketball coach norm stewart joins the show to discuss tonight’s match-up between mizzou and kansas, what has mike anderson been able to do this year, things are really starting to bloom around columbia, could he have predicted the way this season has gone, is a big 12 championship realistic for the tigers this year, and both teams are pretty even this season—click here to listen






segment 9–the ticket guys email of the day—click here to listen