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Producer Joe, Mon, 02 Feb 2009 14:28:00 GMT


segment 1–how many chickens must die for wingy wingy, should the warner fumble have been reviewed, the quick trigger for calling the game the best ever, is roethlisberger a hall of fame quaterback, and james harrison makes a great play—click here to listen






segment 2–what will be the reaction in two weeks when we are at spring training, last year’s super bowl was a better story according to the cat, it looked like a cornerback wanted the ball from harrison, some very strange penalty calls during the game, and timmy has always thought that brenda warner has a beautiful face—click here to listen






segment 3–some porno made it on the air in tucson yesterday during the super bowl, it was male full nude porn, it happened right after the fitzgerald scored in the fourth quarter, and will they have any luck finding out who is responsible for this act—click here to listen






segment 4–talk about the halftime show, the boss put on a great set but the referee throwing the flag was for the gheys, doug misses the marching bands, bruce’s crotch slide ran into the camera guy, some people are not happy about glory days being played, tim has worn a cape before, and doug wonders who the hell dresses these guys—click here to listen






segment 5–bernie miklasz joins the show to talk about whether or not it was the greatest super bowl ever, larry fitzgerald’s dad during the game, how will kurt be remembered after this super bowl, bernie seems to think that kurt will retire, brenda may be putting some pressure on him to possibly hang it up, if the cardinals don’t resign kurt they will be back in the dumps, and refereeing errors in the fourth quarter—click here to listen






segment 6–talk about gambling on the super bowl yesterday, one gentleman at sidebar yesterday had $13,000 on the under to watch it blown on holmes’ td, the cat dropped some coin on the squares game, doug donates money all the time and never knows whether he wins or loses, and michael phelps uses a bong—click here to listen






segment 7–more super bowl talk, callers get involved with their thoughts on last nights game, where it ranks in terms of greatest ever, drug usage is not that big of a deal, the cat can’t wait to drop some knowledge tomorrow about blunts, and the blues get a big win on saturday night—click here to listen






segment 8–the ticket guys email of the day—click here to listen