Monday Morning Show Synopsis

Ben Boyd, Mon, 02 Jun 2008 17:05:00 GMT

Monday Morning Show Synopsis

the guys talk about kimbo slice’s fight over the weekend….cat had thought he was a homeless guy who fought for his food, but his real name is kevin ferguson, and he went to college in florida… at first thought ufc was barbaric, but now he thinks it is pretty fun to watch because the guys are very skilled, and he believes it takes years of training…….they joke that tim may have the skin between his nostrils removed, because it is much more intimidating to look like you have one big nostril.

Some of the players call Joe Mather: Joey Bombs…….Cat blamed Big Z for Mike Parisi’s bad start on Saturday……Cat was in the dugout on Friday and was talking with Mike Parisi, so he asked Parisi to talk to Joe Z on the Batting Cage. However, Big Z didn’t believe that it was really Parisi so he really didn’t interview him….Doug said that he thinks it is Cat’s fault because Big Z couldn’t trust him. Cat said he can see the headline: “Cardinals Ban Big Z.”

The guys make fun of the Pirates for being such a bad organization. Cat said they have a decent line-up, but they aren’t getting much else. They have a nice ballpark though. Doug said that the Pirates should imitate the Marlins and trade their top players for prospects.

Rick Ankiel made an unbelievable catch over the weekend diving towards the wall, but the guys think Jim Edmonds had one or two that were better in his career…..Troy Glaus is playing much better, and said he plays much better when it is warm. Doug said he thinks Glaus is hitting much better because now he can see. He was having problems seeing before…..Todd Wellemeyer said that by living with Brendan Ryan he has learned that Ryan has a toothbrush, but no toothpaste, and he doesn’t have a towel……Jon Heyman of SI said that the Rockies will be a trade deadline feast for teams because they are in last place.

Doug said he thinks all the guys could share one hotel room at Hedonism on vacation. Tim said he heard the place to go on vacation is Costa Rica, and Iggy chimed in that he interviewed for a job in Costa Rica one time for a gambling website. Iggy might have taken the job if it was closer to the beach, but it was in the mountains.

For the first time since 1908, the Cubs have the best record in baseball in June. The guys wonder who was on the team back then, and Tim said he has a baseball signed by Hack Wilson and Rogers Hornsby.

tim has his “big revelation” which he changes to an anecdote. tim and his wife were figuring out what to do yesterday, and chose six flags over the cardinals game or taste of clayton……it was $15 for parking and $75 to get in for tim and his wife. tim really liked the big wooden rollercoaster called the boss, but it jerked his head around……the guys talked about some guy throwing his wife off of a stand-up roller coaster a few years ago… guessed that the place reeked of body odor and everyone was wearing jean shorts.

Derrick Goold:
derrick goold of the post-dispatch said that he saw jim edmond’s catch in kc live when he as attending mizzou, and he compared it to rick ankiel’s catch this weekend. he said that the degree of difficulty on ankiel’s catch is unlike anything he has ever seen. goold said that rick steals extra base hits away from players and that is a heck of an asset to have. there aren’t very many center fielders in the game like that…..chris duncan will have many dozen aaa at-bats to get his swing right, and derrick said he thinks duncan may be traded…..adam kennedy is struggling again, and derrick said he thinks it is time for aaron miles and brendan ryan to play because of the way they have been hitting……goold thinks the cubs are the most complete and balanced team in the league. they need to play a little better on the road, but they have the capability to run away with the central title. however, they have kerry wood as their closer and play the cardinals in enough games to make it interesting if the cards keep winning series….. derrick said you learn a lot from a team through the first 41 games, and he said he believes the cards are as good as they have been playing….it depends on how attractive the cards’ prospects are if they will be able to make a big trade this season.


Joe Mather:
Pop Warner started calling him Joey Bombs when he first started playing for the Cards…..His first weekend as a big leaguer was “awesome.”…. “It’s been unbelievable and even better than I thought.”…….His dad drove from Phoenix to see Joe’s second game….He hasn’t flown since he has come back from being a paratrooper in Vietnam….Mather was told he can’t play the Golden Tee machine yet; Kyle McClellan picked him up from the airport and told him the rules….It was a long road and it never was easy to get to the majors. He was sitting in the bottom of the minors for a long time. Joe said it’s amazing how just being comfortable is when there are so many other young guys are on the team…..Brendan Ryan moved out of Wellemeyer’s place, and Cat thinks he’s is living in a loft……Joe is living in a hotel right now, and no one has really said anything about moving somewhere…..Mather isn’t married, and he said, “he’s living the dream.”…..Joe said the whole time he thought he was going to catch the ball in the outfield, but it kept tailing away so he had to dive for it……Joe said he thinks he’ll be used mainly as a corner outfielder, and maybe some first base to give Albert a break while he is here.

Ozzie Guillen said he is sick and tired of watching the team play like they have for the past year and a half, and something needs to be done whether its with players or the coach…..The guys think Mike Keenan is the most bat crap manager that has been in St. Louis, and Mike Martz would be second, but they were different kinds of bat crap…..Cat said he liked Martz, and he misses having him around.

Leftover Riff Raff:
Doug’s 3 hour sportscast is in the works because his face is the moneymaker at Channel 4……Cat said next year the Anaheim Angels are thinking of changing their name to the Brooklyn Angels…….If you are doing a Saturday night sports broadcast, you can do “Bloopers and Boners”……..Tim called the show “The Morning Grind” today and was surprised he hasn’t done it before today……Tim forgot his wallet on his kitchen table this morning…..The guys think they are going to hang out with Joe Mather and maybe even Chris Long. Tim hopes they would go to Six Flags with him, and he hopes someone will make him a jersey with the Cardinals on the front and Rams on the back…..Married people tend to live longer according to Doug, but Cat said so do dog owners.