CBS Sports’ Matt Snyder Talks Oh as Cardinals Closer, Potential Trades

CBS sports journalist Matt Snyder joins the Afternoon Drive to talk Cardinals baseball. He discusses Rosenthal, Oh and even potential trade deals.

Read some excerpts and listen to the full interview below:

Have there been any situations where closers have lost their job with a team and then later in the season got it back with said team?

“Absolutely. Lots of them. The first name they came to mind was Hector Rondon with the Cubs. They went to Jason Motte for a couple of weeks and then back to Rondon for the rest of the year. There are several times every season I can think of. I think the Orioles recently, I don’t know about last year, but two years ago was Zach Britton and I think they went away from him to I want to say Tommy Hunter for three weeks and then went back to Britton. Now he’s a three-time all-star, so it happens.”

On Seung-hwan Oh as the Cardinals closer:

“You always hear people say the ninth inning is different. That implies a difference in mentality that you don’t get the chance to show if you have that mentality or not unless you’ve actually done it. I know he hasn’t been in the Major Leagues and done it, but he has done it. If he has already done it in Korea, you know there is not a mental hurdle there of getting the final three outs. You know he’s been success in America so far, so I don’t know why you couldn’t just put those two together. I have no idea how you could expect him to fall apart in the ninth inning. I would like to see him installed as the Cardinals closer.

If Oh is successful as the closer, what is the biggest need for this team now come trade deadline?

You always want bullpen depth. Guys in the bull pen can fall apart at the drop of a hat. You also want to think about rotation depth. It’s not like you’re going to go out and get front line. Knowing Wainwright, Martinez, Watcha and Garcia…there’s enough concern there that you might lose one of those guys. I’m not saying it’s likely or they are doing anything to increase those chances but the reality is starting pitching now a days is people get injured. They will definitely be looking at a depth type rotation arm. Offensively I don’t think they can do anything at this point.”

What do you think it would take to get Andrew Miller?

“The Cubs were attached to him early on in rumors and word was the Yankees wanted a package that started with Kyle Schwarber and wanted more passed back. So I’d say you’d have to be ready to pay a king’s ransom for Miller. He signed for another two years after this year. He’s incredible right now. It would take a lot to get him right now. If the Yankees fall out of the race, he would probably still be hard to get but he would be more available.