MLS stadium bill passes Aldermanic committee, will move to full board

Aerial view of the proposed SC STL stadium. Photo via HOK

A St. Louis Board of Aldermen committee on Thursday passed a proposed soccer stadium bill, putting it one step closer to being on the city’s April ballot, St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Mike Faulk first reported.

The Aldermanic Ways and Means Committee passed the vote 5-4.

The bill on Friday will go in front of the full Board of Alderman, which will decide whether the proposal will go on the April ballot for a public vote.

The Ways and Means committee also voted 5-1 to send a proposed half-cent sales tax increase for MetroLink expansion to the full Board of Aldermen.

If that tax increase is approved by voters, it would enact an increase in the city’s business use that would go towards the soccer stadium.

The soccer stadium vote passed after the committee voted for the second time in about 60 minutes Thursday. The $60 million funding proposal was initially defeated by the committee 6-2.

In the first vote, Faulk reported Aldermen Joseph Vaccaro and Beth Murphy voted in favor of the proposal, while Stephen Conway, Antonio French, Scott Ogilvie, Chris Carter and Terry Kennedy voted against it.

For the second vote, Aldermen Scott Ogilvie and Stephen Conway switched their votes from “no” to “yes” after the bill was amended to levy the city’s entertainment tax on stadium ticket sales and divert $5 million in TIF money back to the city.

According to Faulk, Conway supported the proposal but voted against the measure so he could bring it back for reconsideration, which is allowed under committee rules.

Faulk reported Ogilvie said he would change his vote “if supporters agree to levy the city’s entertainment tax on ticket sales at the new stadium.”