’s Matthew Leach previews final week of season, breaks down playoff races editor Matthew Leach joined The Hollywood Casino Press Box on Monday to preview Major League Baseball’s final week of the regular season.

Listen to the interview and read a couple excerpts below (starts at about the 4-minute mark):

Out of the teams competing for the two NL Wild Card spots, who do you think has the edge?

“I think just eyeballing it, I think the schedules are fairly similar (between the Giants and the Cardinals). If I had to go to one thing…the thing that scares me if I’m a Cardinals fan, is the Giants go (Matt Moore, Jeff Samardjzia, probably Cueto, then Bumgarner, then probably Moore on Sunday). I feel a lot better about that for the Giants than the Cardinals have. I think I’d rather be the Giants with two struggling offenses just because they have to like who they have starting on the mound every single day.”

On the Cardinals offense:

“You can win by scoring a lot of runs, too. And the Cardinals have more offense than the Giants have. And they’re not exactly facing two of the dominant starting rotations over this week.”