Local Spotlight: Up on High Ground

Adam Collins, Thu, 22 May 2014 13:15:00 GMT

St. Louis is a hot-bed for film and television. Our city has given the world such actors as Jon Hamm and John Goodman. Delmar is covered in the names of influential people from the St.L. The city has also been used for filming many theatrical films like Up in the Air and Escape from New York. The Tivoli has a wall of movie posters featuring many others filmed in the area. Even Cape Girardeau has gotten in on the action with David Fincher’s latest film, Gone Girl. Each year, hundreds of people compete in the 48 Hour Film Project. So many in fact, they had to limit the amount of teams that can enter. So, it is no surprise that two local boys have penned a script, shot it, and finished wrapping up the editing at the end of April.

granite city’s brian newman (screen name of brayden patterson) and st. louis’s bryan kreutz shot a two part pilot for up on high ground in the greater metro area with the help of supervising producer joe mcgettigan. the pilot stars brayden patterson as dillon and cody jarvis as landon as the two roommates. dillon is studying applied developmental psychology and landon, a student too, is also a basketball coach. their older freeloading roommate bartholowmew bogroe is played by billy patricks. he crashes on their couch as a temporarily-permanent fixture. other local stars are matthew becker and erin morris.

The shoot covered Arnold, St. Louis, and Pontoon Beach in Illinois. With the filming complete, producers are gearing up for an ambitious round of network pitching. Brayden and Bryan are hoping to make it on the air this fall. You can follow their journey on their website: www.uponhighgroundtv.com and the IMDB page.