Legendary Missouri Basketball Coach Norm Stewart Discusses Iconic Career

Norm Stewart joins the show to discuss the statue being built in his honor and the early returns of Cuonzo Martin in Columbia.

As a head coach for NCAA basketball, Norm Stewart won a total of 731 games, including 634 while coaching the Missouri Tigers from 1967-1999, the most all time for a Missouri coach by a large margin.  He led the Tigers to two Elite Eights and three Sweet Sixteens in the March Madness Tournament during his time as head coach.

He not only coached the Tigers, but played for them as well from 1953-1956.  In his 1956 season, he averaged 24.1 points per game, which ranks 4th all time for Missouri.  After graduating, Stewart was drafted by the St. Louis Hawks.

Stewart has been retired for eighteen years now and was inducted into both the St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame in 2014 and the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame in 2007, yet he is just now getting a statue erected outside of Mizzou Arena sometime before the start of the 2017 season.

On The Press Box this afternoon, Stewart joined Frank Cusumano to talk about his feelings on the statue and to share some memories during his tenure.

“I’m obviously pleased and honored” Stewart said.

Missouri has been raising money for the statue for a while now because there have been so many requests for it over the years.

When asked about it, Missouri assistant director of communications, Patrick Crawford had this to say, “We’re confident a lasting symbol of the impact that legendary coach Norm Stewart had on Mizzou Basketball and state of Missouri, as a whole, would be well received by our fans and the people of our state”.

Gabe DeArmond also expressed his opinion on the statue by saying, “You ask any person outside the state of Missouri over the age of 30 who they think of when they think of Mizzou sports, they’re going to say Norm”.

On the remainder of the show, Stewart also offered some insight on whether or not we’ll ever see another Missouri vs. Kansas match-up in the future

“Missouri has to entertain the idea to play to the other side” and that, “We’ll probably see that game being played in some time”.

On new head coach Cuonzo Martin, Stewart says, “Cuonzo has proven himself on his own”.

To every Missouri sports fan, coach Stewart is a legend.  So constructing a statue outside of the arena is not only an agreed upon thing, but also a necessity.