Kurt Warner talks upcoming Hall of Fame induction, says “St. Louis comes with me”

Rams legendary quarterback Kurt Warner, who was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Super Bowl weekend and will be inducted in August, joined The Press Box on Friday to discuss his career and talk about what it feels like to know he’ll be wearing the yellow jacket.

Read some excerpts and listen to the interview:

Were you surprised when you got the knock on door to your hotel to find out you’d been elected to the Hall of Fame?

“I had no idea.¬† Nothing beforehand. You’re just waiting and a bunch of things are going through your head. We were just waiting. That’s the toughest part of the whole process.”

Who did you first call when you found out?

“Unfortunately, my mom wasn’t able to be there…She was the first person I called. Just to thank her and tell her the only reason I was there is because of so many things she did for me growing up and the sacrifices she made…and then I called my brothers. I had to call those closest to me that weren’t able to be there.”

On St. Louis always having a place in his heart:

“I’m not here without St. Louis, I’m not here without Arizona. I just want everyone to know I’m not going in as a Cardinal or as a Ram. Even the Giants, I’m thankful for that opportunity…and all the people that came along for the ride, the fanbases…specifically St. Louis because that’s where it all started. I know the team’s in LA now. But as of now…my real special place in my heart is for those people in St. Louis. How they supported me and my wife and my family off the field. Just know…as I go into the Hall of Fame, the city of St. Louis comes with me. I am not who I am today without the city of St. Louis.”