Kelly Chase: Blues “Stole” Game 1, Must “Be Better”

Credit: The Associated Press

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As he has throughout the playoffs, Blues radio analyst Kelly Chase joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Monday to discuss the Blues’ Game 1 Western Conference Final win over the San Jose Sharks Sunday night.

Excerpts and the full interview can be found below.

What did you think of the Blues’ Game 1 win?

“They’re going to have to be better this series, there’s no doubt about it. But that’s OK that they stole one. We’ve said this in every series we’ve been in so far…and you see it in lots of games…the best team hasn’t always one but it seems to balance out at the end of the series. So they’ll take that one and hopefully they can build on that.

I think it was a wake-up call for everyone.  Your goaltender is exhausted at the end of the game. I think the boys will be better. I think they’ll recognize San Jose is a different animal. I told you guys I think they’re the best team in the West…but we’re capable of beating them. We won last night against a very good hockey team…and hopefully they’ll keep the momentum going.”

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On the Blues shutting down the San Jose power play:

“I think you have to give the Blues some credit. They put a real hurt on the Dallas power play as well as Chicago…so you have to give credit to the penalty kill.  That was a pretty spectacular effort by Elliott last night as well. I think the group realizes it can’t rely on Elliott every night lake they did last night.”

On D. Backes and J. Thornton pulling each other’s beards:

“I chuckled about it a little bit. You can’t pull the hair…so I guess that’s against the rules.”

On Backes’ match-up with Thornton:

“I like Backes’ match-up with Thornton. I like the fact him and Thornton are having a battle. I think it’s healthy for the Blues if David can continue to handle him.”

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On Tarasenko needing to “step up”:

“The player I think that really has to elevate his game right now is (V. Tarasenko) because he’s got to realize he’s so dangerous when it’s a five-on-five if he gets his feet moving. Five on five is where he can really open a series up and he hasn’t gotten there yet and in the last couple of games against Dallas he wasn’t there either…So that, to me, is the scenario I look at for improvement. He’s not hurt. He’s a great player. This is new territory for him. ”

On the Blues going through a learning process right now:

“To me, this a real education as they go sort of a process. This pace is now elevated from the second round…this learning curve the Blues are going on right now is interesting. But if you can win a game without playing your best, that makes a huge difference.  So I expect them to play better in the second game.”

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