John Daly discusses ESPN “30 for 30,” golfing career on “TMA”

Legendary golfer and two-time Major winner John Daly joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Thursday to give his take on the ESPN 30 for 30 about him that aired earlier this week. He also discussed whether he has regrets when looking back at his career.

Read some excerpts and listen to the interview below:

With you growing up in Arkansas, we’re you a Cardinals fan as a child?

“I was raised in Arkansas…we moved there when I was about four. It was either Cubs or the Cardinals. I went with the Cardinals. That hasn’t changed since I was about four or five years old.”

Are you happy with how the “30 for 30” turned out?

“It is my life. I thought it was a little negative, which was fine. I’ve done a lot more than just drunk. I was hoping they’d put the charity stuff in there a little bit. I’ve raised more than $10 million when you put it all together. All in all, the good thing is, they got the point is that (athletes are human). I hope that’s what they get out of it.”

“I mean, it’s only 30 for 30. You only get 45 minutes of it I guess. I know there’s definitely a lot more that we could do. Maybe we’ll do another one.”

Are you still drinking?

“I still drink a little bit. But I don’t drink like I used to. It seems like it’s more social to me than anything.”

Do you have any regrets when you look back at your career?

“I don’t know if I can really say I have regrets. Sure I’ve made some mistakes. But if I live in the past,  (I’ll never live in the future). I’m very fortunate to even be on this planet, to be honest with you.”