Isaac Bruce talks not being elected into Hall of Fame, “excited” for Warner

Isaac Bruce and Kurt Warner

St. Louis Rams great Isaac Bruce called into The Press Box discuss being a Pro Football Hall-of-Fame finalist, his former teammate Kurt Warner being elected into the Hall of Fame and the one time he yelled at Kurt in a huddle.

Read some excerpts and listen to the complete interview here:

On not being elected into the Hall of Fame:

“I was pretty much in the hotel room all day. You normally find out at 5 p.m.  By the time they called me it was 4:50, so I was getting ready to celebrate. But…right then they gave me the call and told me it didn’t happen.”

On not being upset and being happy for Kurt Warner getting into the Hall:

“I keep an attitude of joy. I was more grateful and excited…because of Kurt’s opportunity. He’s been a finalist for the last three seasons, and for it to happen for him, I was really excited for him. Just (being a finalist), I was grateful for being in the room. They say once you’re in the room, you’re finally a candidate then.”