INTERVIEW: Jeremy DePoyster of The Devil Wears Prada

Kari Williams, Wed, 27 Jul 2011 05:00:00 GMT

Through name and pop culture references, The Devil Wears Prada suggests elitism, superficiality and general arrogance, but the Christian metalcore band breaks those stereotypes”and many others.

As a headlining band on this year’s Warped Tour, TDWP will stop at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Aug. 3. TDWP vocalist Jeremy DePoyster took time to discuss religion, Warped Tour and their upcoming album.

InsideSTL: How has the band changed since you guys first started, or has it changed?
jeremy depoyster: i guess just personally we all get along a lot better than we did [when we started]. we were kids back then and now we’re young quote-unquote adults. we get along a little better. as a band it’s really same thing, we were 17, 18 years old then and now we’re 23, 25. we just write a little bit differently. we’ve been playing together for the last six years , we’re more mature.

InsideSTL: What are either your personal influences or influences on the band as a whole?
JP: It’s kind of grown since we started. When we started a lot of Christian metalcore bands like Underoath and As I Lay Dying. I’ve always been into a lot of goth rock [and] The Cure, and our singer and bass player are really into punk bands like Minor Threat and Black Flag.

InsideSTL: As a Christian band, how do you feel that your religion is reflected in your music?
JP: Definitely more so lyrically than musically. A lot of people always ask, ̃How do you just write Christina music?’ , You could say there’s a spiritual thing in writing music. It’s not like you just come up with things by your own will. In my mind you know, there is some spiritual thing moving through me that comes up with these things , It’s more so in the message that we [reflect our religion] and we said every show what that message is and just try to reflect it through our lives , It’s definitely not compromising depending on what show we do, It’s more through the lyrics and more through everything outside of the particular music…

InsideSTL: I saw that you’ve played Christian and mainstream festivals, and I was wondering if there’s any difference in how the band is or how the crowd acts?
JP: It’s kind of a funny question because actually we’ve been asked before sets at Christian festivals, will we tone it down, will we not ask for mosh pits. We always kind of laugh like, ̃No, these kids are here for a reason. We’re going to do the same thing very time.’ They’re not really used to that kind of stuff, but as far as the fans and ourselves, I don’t think it really changes one way or another. People kind of lose themselves at a show regardless

InsideSTL: What can fans expect from the new album?
JP: A lot of people have been asking, ̃Is it gonna be heavy like zombie? Is it gonna be, you know, more mature? What’s it gonna be?’ and really, I think it’s definitely not a continuation of Zombie because that was such a concept record, It’s definitely as heavy in a way , It’s exciting. It’s the thing we’ve been most excited about in the last couple years I think.

InsideSTL: What are your thoughts on playing Warped Tour?
JP: We love it, you know. We’re always trying to branch out and do different stuff , We spent a greater part of this year overseas, and do that most every year, [We like to] branch out and play internationally [and get] more into the metal world and such. It feels good to come back to this tour , Kevin lyman is a good dude; he treats us well on this tour, It’s all about just the show and the fans and all that and not all the other kind of silly stuff that goes along with it.

InsideSTL: Since you guys have played Warped Tour a couple of times, how would you say it’s changed since you first played, or has it changed?
JP: Musically, it kind of changes, I guess just as styles do. There are definitely a lot more ̃heavy’ bands on now than when we were first staring. It’s all kind of relative. When I went as a kid, it was Taking Back Sunday and Matchbook Romance, now it’s us and A Day to Remember , It just kind of molds with the times. The last four years of us doing this I don’t think it’s changed too drastically much.

InsideSTL: Is there anything you’d like to add about the new album coming out, playing Warped Tour or anything else?
JP: Really, just that we’re excited about the album coming out, We have a new song online and just really thanks to all the fans for supporting us and sticking by us no matter what we do,

Photo credit: Adam Elmakias