insideSTL 24/7: Ryan Kelley vs. Timberfake – Timberfake trains for battle

Timberfake will look to defend his TMA Championship Belt on Feb. 17 when he meets “The Home Loan Expert” Ryan Kelley in the squared circle for “The Battle on Broadway” at South Broadway Athletic Club.

The undefeated champ (he’s 1-0 after taking down Producer Joe at PT’s in 2012) has been Timberfake-247-Lead-3training in gritty conditions in the garage of one of Fenton’s finest, Dave Jackson.

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The insideSTL News Team was in attendance for a recent training session as the fiery and intense Jackson put Timberfake through a litany of boxing and conditioning drills.

Timberfake and Jackson also spoke on camera about what it’s going to take to beat Kelley and keep Timberfake’s flawless record intact.

Check out the video below as we take you behind the scenes of Timberfake’s preparations leading up to his much-anticipated match against “The Home Loan Expert.”