Goold Talks “Try Not to Suck” T-Shirt Controversy, NY Daily News’ “Flimsy” Heyward Story

Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Thursday to discuss several Cardinals topics.

Read excerpts and listen to the full interview below:

On Carlos Martinez this season so far:

“Very impressive. A guy who’s given three quality starts, has been the most reliable of the starters. He’s finding different ways to get guys out. I think he has long had an idea of who he wants to be as a starter and is starting to put it all together. I think you’re seeing a young pitcher kind of in bloom.”

The Writers’ Block Discusses Cardinals’ T-Shirt Policy After “Try Not to Suck” Controversy

On Jeremy Hazelbaker’s recent struggles:

“He’s helping some pitchers along…Some of his at-bats have been awkward, like his timing is off. Maybe it’s the combination of seeing more off-speed stuff and different approaches from pitchers. A couple of those swings looked like he was having a tough time picking up the pitches and not expecting to see the pitches he was seeing.”

On Busch Stadium not allowing Cubs fans to wear ‘Try not to Suck’ t-shirt and Joe Maddon’s reaction to it:

“It’s good stuff. It adds kind of silliness to this whole thing. In all seriousness, it’s something the cardinals kind of recognize…by the next home stand, they’re probably going to allow such shirts, because the social acceptance of that word has softened…it’s more apart of the culture. I think they’re going to be more allowable with that. But it wasn’t just this year. It’s a word they identified as one they didn’t want to have on signs or t-shirts, but this one they’ll probably be more relaxed on because of how it’s used in our culture.”

On Cubs manager Joe Madden’s impact on the Cubs’ culture:

“It’s huge. He’s a magnet. He creates and engenders relationships. He’s a big part of it. The front office there too. They have a group of leaders there who know how to sell what the Cubs have, they know how to package and present what the Cubs have going. It’s a big reason free agents want to sign there.”

On the New York Daily News’ erroneous report that ESPN mics picked up racial slurs thrown at Jason Heyward:

“Incredibly poorly (handled). It was atrocious. It was a flimsy story. It was clearly click-bait theater. It had all the signs of something that would generate traffic (because of what’s happened in the St. Louis area the past 18 months). It had Jason Heyward, it had the Cubs, it had a racial slur and it’s going to get attention…They knew if they wrote a story like that it would get attention. That’s awful. That’s not a good way to start going about journalism. What bothers me most is that they did that for what should be a serious topic…Players, managers…told us they hear racial taunts. This is not something that doesn’t exist at ballparks. To focus on how faulty and sleazy the news report is…that takes away from the main issue at hand (which is that these things do happen at ballparks).”

Here’s the complete interview:

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