Goold Talks Cardinals: Greg Garcia and Jose Martinez Playing Time, Leake, Wainwright Concerns

Greg Garcia

St. Louis Post-Dispatch lead Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold made his regular appearance on The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Tuesday to discuss some Cardinals topics following what felt like a much-needed 2-1 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Read some excerpts and listen to the complete interview below:

On Greg Garcia getting more regular playing time:

“Greg has taken a good spring training and launched it into a good start to the season. I think there’s a real nod to the attitude (that he wasn’t settling for a backup spot). This team is begging for offense. They need some kind of production. It’s really been a big part of what’s been undermining. Offense offers breathing room.”

On Jose Martinez:

“You can look at him as a matchup guy. I’m intrigued personally by this idea (that he can hit hard throwers). I’d like to see him get that crack.”

On the Matt Adams in left field experiment being over:

“It was ostensibly to put his bat in the lineup, but he wasn’t producing either. The message being sent was the opposite what they wanted (in improving their defense last year). They weren’t going out their with the lineup and style they promised. A big part of getting back to where they want to be at least starts there.”

On Mike Leake being the Cardinals’ best pitcher so far:

“Absolutely. He has been. His games have really captured what they want to be, what they need to be if they are going to contend…Peppy, quick games, ground ball games. Those are the types of games he’s had. He’s stood out (more than any of the other starters).”

What is the Cardinals level of concern about Adam Wainwright’s struggles?

“I think it’s up there in the sense that they want to know how he can get deeper in to games with the stuff he has. There’s a sense his stuff is good, but why is it not working? (You see some hitters) just waiting on the curveball. Is he tipping in the sense (that teams know when he’s gearing up to throw the fastball). Can the changeup be more effective? (He needs to think) about whether he’s too predictable with his sequence of he needs to pitch backwards.”