Goold says Matheny’s moves “unnecessary” in Cardinals’ walk-off loss

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Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Wednesday joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After to discuss some Cardinals topics following the team’s brutal walk-off loss to the Reds Tuesday night.

Mike Matheny is catching some flak for how he handled his substitutions in Tuesday night’s loss. What were your overall thoughts on the loss last night?

“It was a small, little snowball that was rolling downhill and eventually flattened them. It just caught up to them. It starts with Broxton and Duke being ineffective, which through the formula all off. It led to choices…where the pitcher hit in the third, fourth and fifth spot.”

On the double switches that lead to the pitcher hitting third or fourth and taking out guys like Matt Holliday and Matt Adams:

“It’s just unnecessary at times. If someone is your three hitter or cleanup hitter, they’re there for a purpose. They’re there for some offense. I get it…Matheny says he’s playing for defense and not for runs. But you’re preparing…for the best from everybody and if the best doesn’t happened, you’re exposed. But they didn’t get the best from the guys they were counting on and that left them exposed.”

And it’s not like Holliday and Adams are awful at defense, right?

“No and it’s not like this is some stellar defensive team. This is a slugging team. So stay true to yourself.”

Do you think Mozeliak looked at other relievers but didn’t because of the high price other teams were paying for them?

“There were other relievers he looked at and the price was high. I got the sense…after hearing the direction they were going, they saw Duke maybe in the same vein as a Will Smith. But the cost played into that. They were going to get the guy they could get with giving up the least.”