Goold from Cardinals Spring Training: Martinez, Bader, Rosenthal, Wacha, bullpen

St. Louis Post-Dispatch lead Cardinals beat writer, Derrick Goold, joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Tuesday from Florida to discuss several Cardinals Spring Training topics.

Read some excerpts and listen to the whole conversation below:

On Jose Martinez’s impressive spring training and his future:

“I think his future is as a fourth or fifth outfielder. He’s sort of the Jeremy Hazelbaker of 2017. He’s done quite well and learning first base. He’s not out of place there. He swings an interesting and solid bat. He can catch up to a fastball and that’s valuable coming off the bench.”

On Harrison Bader’s spring so far:

“In the scheme of centerfielders who have stood out, I think (Magneuris Sierra) stands above all. But Bader is right now. Bader and (Paul DeJong). There’s always been a lot of interest in Bader. He can play all three outfield spots. If he can fit, he’ll probably fit in one of the corner outfield spots. I think there’s a lot to like about where Bader’s bat is and the many dimensions to his game that he’s got. He’s done well here and certainly made an impression. He’s right there in the mix there as far as prospects who have stood out.”

On Trevor Rosenthal’s MRI results:

“He had an MRI yesterday and it came back without showing any problems with the structural issues. He had a lat issue (that came from working out). Any time a player has an area concern, they’re going to be ultra-protective.”

On Michael Wacha:

“I think they’ve played a sharper game. What they’ve seen from their starters is very reassuring. Especially a guy like Michael Wacha (who has been very impressive). But (durability is a concern) and he can’t prove that in March. What he can do in March is to show (his mechanics are there and he can locate his fastball).”

Have there been any big concerns on the field?

“I think if there’s one thing to watch in the coming weeks it’s this bullpen. The bullpen needs to be a strength for the Cardinals. If they’re playing with less power, they’re going to have to win closer games. I’m not quite sure what state you’d say the bullpen is because of health, because of concern, because Oh isn’t here, because roles aren’t identified. And that’s not unusual. It can take (until June for a bullpen to find itself). But that’s something to watch here. I don’t think the bullpen is coming together like they want it to.”