Goold breaks down Cardinals’ hacking punishment in-depth on “The Writers’ Block”

Chris Correa, the former director of scouting for the St. Louis Cardinals

St. Louis Post-Dispatch lead Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold broke the news Monday that MLB had taken away the Red Birds’ first two draft picks in the upcoming draft as part of its punishment for former team executive Chris Correa breaching the Houston Astros’ database.

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After breaking the story, Goold jumped on his show, The Writers’ Block, to give his immediate reaction to the news and discuss in-depth everything that led to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred’s punishment.

Read a few excerpts and listen to the complete, in-depth segment here:

On the picks the Cardinals lost:

“This is pick No. 56 and 75. The Cardinals lost pick No. 19 because they signed Dexter Fowler. (Their first pick will be at) No. 94.”

In what ways will this hurt the Cardinals going forward?

“It reduces their bonus pool. They had $3.9 million coming in. They’re down to $2.1 million, so it slashes it nearly in half. So it severely limits their ability.

Are there any other people who may be punished?

“No. In the commissioner’s decision, he holds the team liable, but didn’t find any other individuals to be punished.”

What do you think the Cardinals’ gut reaction was upon learning the punishment?

“The Cardinals, to their credit…meaning Bill DeWitt and John Mozeliak…have never once shied away from saying they were going to get ‘punched’ for this. They were braced (for a significant punishment). The Astros are getting what they asked for here.”