GFI Digital Email of the Day: New Intern Job Description

Brendan Marks, Tue, 21 Oct 2014 16:52:00 GMT

Justin in Columbia won the GFI Digital Email of the Day on Thursday’s The Ryan Kelley Morning After after brainstorming what could be the new intern job description:

Guys – sad to hear your intern couldn’t “handle the biz.” To help, I’ve created a help wanted ad for all future intern employment opportunities so this doesn’t happen again.

Wanted: Radio intern for AM station owned by Tim McKernan needed to watch two useless turds unsuccessfully fumble their way through a three hour broadcast.

Responsibilities include:
– Warming up food for producer promptly at 7am, 8, 8:30, 9, 9:30 and possibly every 15 minute increment inbetween he’s able to fire out a couple dumps.
– Remind board op to pull the lever on the same three drops every show… preferably within a 10 minute range of the appropriate time.
– Call Jim Thomas on Monday, Gabe on Tuesday, Strauss on Wednesday, and repeat rest of week to cover all guest bookings considering the producer is probably still busy eating.
– Upload audio in a timely…. bah…. we will get to it whenever the hell we get to it.

Glad I could help.
Justin in Columbia

Listen to the whole segment below.

GFI Digital Email of the Day