GFI Digital Email of the Day (08/26/14) – Brian in flo-town

Brendan Marks, Tue, 26 Aug 2014 16:29:00 GMT

Tuesday’s GFI Digital Email of the Day winner was “Brian in flo-town,” whose email about Mizzou (and apparent pandering to Missouri grads Tim and Doug) locked up the victory.

As usual, we did not edit this email.

Hey Radio Heros,

I sincerely thank you guys for having me on today. It helped me let off of steam. I am tired of ESPN picking on my lover, I mean alma mater. Mizzou is the greatest school in the world. They are the best at every sport. They are top 10 in a lot of things: 1st round picks, wins, STDs, and thugs. But that just gets me rowdy.

Whoooo!! And I know I said the ‘Gers we only going to win 8 games but I was lying. Going undefeated and going to the ‘SHIP. Ugh my Wranglers are tight. Got to go hump my tiger sofa with the Sheldon Richardson fat head at the end to look at me.


Brian in flo-town

For his email, Brian won a gift certificate to Wehrenberg Theatres.

Listen to his Email of the Day and all the other nominees below.