GFI Digital Email of the Day (08/22/14)

Brendan Marks, Fri, 22 Aug 2014 17:27:00 GMT

Friday’s GFI Digital Email of the Day winner was “Scotty the Body,” who wrote a disturbing yet entertaining note to the Ryan Kelley Morning After to wrap up the week.

Good Morning beacons of truth,

Normally when I write it my email is filled with sexual advances towards Doug, but today is different. It started when my alarm went off late, this allowed me to venture into a whole new area of TMA, the 8 o’clock hour. To my surprise the scourge of my morning commute, the Twink from Maryland Height, weaseled his way onto my airwaves. Normally this is when I switch stations, but today something was different. Two men decided to call Rich out on his bullshit and put him in his place. Charley and Joe have done what Willy and the Cat have failed at so May times before. They shut rich up. He said he had customers waiting and I believe him, amid the static and poor signal you could just make out the sound of his “customer” tapping his foot under rich’s stall. Time to service another customer rich. Put up the 225 or never call in again, the challenge it there. Put up or shut up.

Scotty the Body

For his prose, Scotty the Body won two tickets to the St. Louis Science Center.

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