GFI Digital Email of the Day (08/21/14)

Brendan Marks, Thu, 21 Aug 2014 16:11:00 GMT

Thursday’s GFI Digital Email of the Day winner was “Steve In Wildwood,” who wrote this beautiful sililoquy about frequent The Morning After caller Ellen:

Next time Ellen calls in can she let us know a celebrity she looks like so we can get an idea of what she looks like

Not to objectify women but if a gal is showing cleavage and talking to me I don’t hear a word of it

Joe is in tomorrow so everybody won’t have to talk so much

I’m glad Mabry has coached these guys up better because they are hitting now

ever listen to the Broadway channel on satellite. its fabulous



For his efforts, Steve won two tickets to the St. Louis Science Center.

Listen to his Email of the Day and all the other nominees below.