Friday’s Show Synopsis……

Ben Boyd, Fri, 27 Jun 2008 17:54:00 GMT

Friday's Show Synopsis

Tim wants this show to be the best so Cat asked if they have time to get 3 new hosts in there…..Producer Joe wasn’t at the show today because he stayed up all night partying at a concert at the Pageant…..Apparently the guys didn’t need any guests today except Norm Chad……Jim Edmonds said that he thinks he will be able to call in to the show today.

Cat went down to Memphis with a camera crew and was very disappointed because Matt Clement didn’t want to do an interview…….Doug said maybe there was a plumbing problem in the locker room so he didn’t have time, but Cat said he actually had a tool belt with a crescent wrench so if he had a plumbing problem Cat could’ve helped. At that point, Cat joked that he told the camera guy to “pack it up.”……He interviewed Colby Rasmus, Joe Mather, David Freese (who is openly rooting against Edmonds), Brad Thompson being a yo-yo up and down between the majors and minors……J-Rod said he would do anything to be back with the Cardinals.

doug wasn’t paying attention during the show because he was trying to come up with a would ya…..sean young from ace ventura is his pick.

Doug’s friend gave his kid one smack on the but in the grocery store and the next day he got a visit from Child Services because someone got his license plate number and complained.

Exit Poll Questions:

1. Cardinals reliever you most trust to get out of a close game?

2. Love or Hate Steven Jackson?

3. What’s most likely to happen in Vegas—-Tim wins, Joe gets arrested, or both end up in a hot-tub with Andy Dick?

4. Worst job you ever had?

5. judy tenuta, would ya?

6. First 3 choices if you had to form a posse?

Norm Chad:
Norman said that Vegas is the only place left in the world where everyone else smokes, and you get second hand smoke in your shower……Word got around town that Tim qualified for the tournament and entries picked up because everyone knows that it will be easy to take his money…..A lot of people get tight on the first day because they want to survive…….Cat asked a question for Tim—-are the men hot?…….They cap off each of the first 4 days of the beginning of the tournament at 3000 people…..Chad said that a lot of online players have the philosophy of kill or be killed….You can’t win the tourney on day 1, but you can get knocked out……Norman said he plays Stud and Omaha when he plays…..He couldn’t make up his mind last night if Phil Ivey would still win the whole thing now that Tim is in the tournament. He said that it was a coin flip, but the coin flip was actually between Phil winning the whole thing or Tim getting knocked out the first day…….Over the long haul, skill wins out, but there is a big luck factor…..Sometimes people who just started playing 6 months before slip through and almost make it to the final table….. Chad’s advice was to be rested and dress warm.

Exit Poll Results:
No one told Russ the intern that he was supposed to count the votes on the message boards on Tim’s website so there weren’t a lot of votes today.

1. 3 way tie between Izzy, Franklin
2. 9-3 love Steven Jackson
3. 5 votes for in the money
4. 9 votes for Joe to get arrested
5. Majority of votes had to do with maintenance votes
6. 1 person said yes for would ya
7. Tim and Cat received 3 votes, Doug got 2 votes as well as Will Ferrell

Leftover Riff Raff:
The McKernans aren’t fighters…..Tim needs to not “turtle” when he is playing in the tourney in Vegas…..Cat is a loose player…….Rudy can’t believe that Doug broke up his band—-the Von Trap Family singers……. Tim is a pickle kisser…….