Friday’s Show Synopsis…….

Ben Boyd, Fri, 13 Jun 2008 18:14:00 GMT

Friday's Show Synopsis


The Cat is back today, but Jay is back filling in for Tim…..The show started late today because Doug spilled a diet coke on the console…..Doug said he got here 20 minutes before 7am and couldn’t get in. Once he did get in all the lights were off and there was national programming on so Doug thought the station had been sold, but everyone was just running late……Doug made up some exit poll questions because no one else was there till the show started, and the guys make fun of his questions because they are about hockey……..Cat got into the airport after midnight, and his alarm didn’t go off this morning…..Cat’s dog is named Sprewell after Latrell when he played for the Knicks….. Edmonds may pay for Tim to play in the big Poker Tournament.

cards almost snuck one out last night but got suspect pitching from the bullpen….pineiro pitched pretty well for being out for a while….worrell will be the most likely to be sent down when izzy is ready to go, which should be very soon……jason larue likes to wear camouflage and represent his texas hunting history. cat told jason that he heard he shaves his legs, and jason didn’t walk away. cat said he wasn’t scared to ask him about it, but when jason said he shaved his legs to get in touch with his feminine side cat ended the interview.

Doug went to the all time most boring little league game in his life. The strike zone was the size of a postage stamp. The game lasted 2 and a half hours and only went around 5-6 innings…..When the coach of Doug’s son’s team yelled at the ump, the ump walked over to where the coach was standing and told Doug’s son to pitch the ball…..The umpire called a ball from standing actually over where the coach was standing and said that the view looks the same from over there…..Doug yelled to his son to throw the ball over the plate and said that he was yelling at him because he is a middle aged man who doesn’t know any better than to try to live his dreams through his son because he failed.


Cat loves The Batting Cage and Big Z.

The guys roll 6 deep on Exit Poll Friday:

1. Who would you like to see as Pujols regular replacement? Doug: Mather/Duncan platoon; Jay: Mather alone; Cat: Mather/Duncan platoon

2. Who would you rather play a round of golf with—-Tiger or John Daley? Jay: Tiger; Doug: Daley because he would be more fun; Cat: Tiger

3. Which would you rather be—-Rock Star, Movie Star, or Athlete? Doug: Movie Star; Jay: Movie Star; Cat: Movie Star

4. What’s the most embarrassing part of Tim McKernan’s life? Doug: his father has gotten him all of his jobs; Jay: the message board is messed up for him; Cat: Edmonds might

5. Hulk Hogan’s ex Linda Hogan, would ya? Doug: no because he doesn’t want Hulk to get mad and clamp those pythons around my neck; Jay: yes because Big Z would protect him from Hulk; Cat: no because he is happily married.

6. What’s the worst part of oversleeping? Doug: if you can’t get a shower before you leave; Cat: the panic feeling when you wake up and you don’t know where you are, and you look over to see if the Communards are right next to you; Jay: having to deal with more people when you have to explain why you are late.

Tina Mickelson:
phil mickelson’s sister joined the guys to discuss the us open. 40,000 people trying to follow the trio, it was mayhem…..she has never been to another tournament where it has been that crowded… was like being at a big football game…..phil is known for turning it on for the back nine….even though he was 3-over, he looked better than 3-over, and to finish at par was a good day…..tina said you can’t worry about what everyone else is doing, and you have to play the golf course…..phil is getting reads on the green for at least an hour per green before the tournament so he has a plan for which clubs to use beforehand…..phil loves playing with tiger. the amount of intensity tiger brings to the round is incredible. there is a fun, competitiveness between the two of them…..tina knows the golf course out there and she thinks the winning score will be close to even par…..tina said that she would be thrilled to see stuart appleby win if phil doesn’t.

Just for once Doug wants to see a pro tournament where everyone can yell at each other.


The guys take a lot of Exit Poll calls this hour.

tim did not finish in the top 2 last night in the poker tournament so the guys were bummed out because the show was supposed to go to vegas with him….cat said tim should take the $10,000 entrance fee from jim edmonds and just pretend like he plays in the tournament.

The Celtics were down by 24 at one point, and Doug thought it was over. However the Celtics didn’t believe it was over and came back which was the most important thing to Jay. Cat thought they would hit a wall at some point because of the age of their superstars…..It’s the perfect scenario for the NBA to bring some fans back to the game. It’s not the same type of match-ups like the old Celtics/Lakers games, but defense has been winning out….The guys agree that the easiest professional sport to fix is the NBA because you can have so many no calls, and there could be a foul on every play…..Doug said the league has a serious issue on their hands, and Jay said he doesn’t know how it all got swept under the rug so easily last year….Doug can’t let it go that the Atlanta Hawks beat the Celtics 3 times in the playoffs this year.

Brad Lidge has been virtually unhittable this year, and the best thing for him has been the change of scenery. Lidge has to be happy that he won’t face Albert Pujols in this series….The guys wonder what will happen if he ever blows a big save again.

Leftover Riff Raff:
Doug saw a hitchhiker this morning and said he hasn’t seen one in years….Andy Strickland has girly wrists with a big Reactor Watch on…….Tiger’s Caddie drives him around in the Buick…..Cat’s wife got $15 million for appearing in that movie…..Rudy used to hunt and eat raccoons……The worst part of oversleeping is going into your kitchen and seeing the Communards’ bass player making eggs in his boxers……Jay Jr’s knowledge of golf is sick……..Cat loves Jay and thinks at some point they should get a cottage together in New Hampshire….. Jay has missed a show before when he was hammered in Augusta and passed out on his bed.