Friday’s Show Synopsis……..

Ben Boyd, Fri, 06 Jun 2008 19:11:00 GMT

Friday's Show Synopsis

tim said the cardinals second game yesterday was a bad loss. jay jr. said it wasn’t devastating, but it was bad. especially when the cubs keep running away…..the guys wonder why larussa took wellemeyer out when he did in the first game because of the double header and the cards had to use 5 pitchers out of the bullpen in the first game…..tim said that ryan franklin shouldn’t have been used in the first game when they were winning 4-1, but doug said when you have the lead you need to nail it down and get the win so he didn’t see any problem with franklin pitching twice yesterday because he only threw 9 pitches in the morning. doug said these guys aren’t done when they throw 2/3 of an inning……..doug said the cubs aren’t going to keep it up……the guys don’t think elijah dukes showing up the ump was as big of a deal as they made it on the post-game show last night. they said if it was albert pujols people would probably look at it differently.

The Communards are a favorite of the show, and one listener said he goes online and watches Communards videos on YouTube.

Exit Poll:
1. Which Cardinals starter finishes with most wins at end of season? Jay and Doug picked Wainwright; Tim said Wellemeyer

2. World Series, Super Bowl, or Stanley Cup—which one would you like to see a St. Louis team win next? All 3 guys said he would like to see the Blues win the Stanley Cup

3. Worst stadium or arena in all of sports? Jay said Freedom Hall in Kentucky; Doug said the LA Coliseum; Tim said Shea Stadium

4. You have to vote today—McCain or Obama? Doug said McCain because he’s worried about Obama’s experience; Jay and Tim said Obama

5. you get a threesome with megan fox and angelina jolie if it meant you had to spend the next two weeks in prison, would ya? doug doesn’t think he has time for prison and would have to say no; jay said no; tim said it would be worth it.

6. What should the new 35+ contest be named instead of “Cougars Next Door”? Doug, Jay, and Tim said they should just stick with Cougars Next Door

The guys took a lot of calls for the exit poll this hour.

Jay Jr. read a report about Elijah Dukes being held out of a game for threatening his wife…..Doug hopes that Dukes is not penalized for showing up the umpire last night…..

Jay Jr. got to see the Celtics blow out the Memphis Grizzlies earlier this year, and he became a Celtics fan this year…..He thinks they have a great shot if they win game two but may have some difficulty if they lose because of how good the Lakers are at home….

Jay hopes that Big Brown wins the Belmont and completes the Triple Crown, and he thinks it needs to happen for the industry….Doug’s going to watch the whole race saying “please don’t break your leg”…..Barbaro was more popular than Big Brown is but Jay thinks that could change tomorrow with a win.

Cougar Hunter Jake hung out at Drunken Fish and hung out with a Cougar Next Door who is 46….She said her mom loves Doug Vaughn…..Jake said next week he is going to Brewskeez in O’Fallon cause he heard it is full of cougars.

iggy talked to chris long at home nightclub last night before the rookie party. iggy told him he could either answer a few questions last night on the red carpet or he could come on the show this morning. chris went with the first option…..chris said he is getting advice from 2 different perspectives: veteran guys like la’roi glover, leonard little, and james hall, and guys who were in his shoes as a rookie last year—adam carriker and cliff ryan. chris said he’s learned that he has to have the attitude of learning in practice by playing hard and not taking any off……chris long said his favorite howie long movie is broken arrow and it is a classic.

John Mozeliak:
John is in St. Louis at the Draft headquarters….He said the Cards felt very fortunate to get Brett Wallace at #13 because they heard rumors he may be taken before them….John said they like what he does in the batters box the most and he will play some at third base and left field…..What is impressive of the Cape Cod league is that they use wood bats and compete against top pitching……He was the Pac-10 player 2 years in a row and won the batting triple crown so John said they are going to push him and try to start him at Palm Beach….John said he was happy that the team never gave up, but it hurt to see them lose like they did in extra innings……John said you can’t put your team in a hole like Mike Parisi did, and he said obviously they need to make a move, and he said it will likely be Mitchell Boggs who will be called up…..Rick Ankiel will not continue on the road trip…..At AA and AAA the Cards have pitchers hit batting practice…..John said he doesn’t know why Tim Melville dropped so far in the draft yesterday…..The Cardinals have the financial flexibility to make a move, but John said the question is if they can keep the club healthy and find someone to put them over the top…….Tim asked John a couple exit poll questions, but John didn’t really want to answer them and had to run to a meeting.

Exit Poll Results:
1. 25 votes Wainwright
2. 29 votes for Stanley Cup
3. Ed Jones Dome 13 votes
4. Obama
5. 30 to 17 yes to the threesome
6. 18 votes went to Cougars next door; Vixens and Dames tied at 9 each

Leftover Riff Raff:
Doug doesn’t have time for prison……The Communards were born gay…..Doug used to make threats like Elijah Dukes…….Tim doesn’t like talking about himself…. Jackie called in to tell the guys that horses are thinking about schools and angels during races…. John Mozeliak said he is a mature adult when Tim asked him to take the exit poll.