Friday Show Synopsis

Ben Boyd, Fri, 20 Jun 2008 16:52:00 GMT

Friday Show Synopsis


Doug could not get in the door this morning because Cat heard him out there while he was shooting baskets and held the door shut for about 6 minutes, listening to Doug murmer…..That 6 minutes was the time Cat allotted to come up with exit poll questions.

Tim ate Golden Crisp with the bear on the front of the box this morning so he was ready for the bear early this morning.

the guys plan the show around cindy margolis…..she was a price is right girl, and the guys all said they liked plinko except doug. doug liked when people could win “a new car!!!!”…..he misses rod roddy……tim likes the yodler game….bob barker is a member of doug’s fraternity and one time they asked him for money and he sent them an autographed picture…….lots of famous people went to mizzou including bob barker, brad pitt, sheryl crow…..

Jim Edmonds sent Tim a text and ended it with LOL…..Cat got one from Mozeliak before that said LOL

Cat feels sorry for Brad Thompson being sent back down to Memphis because he pitched well last night and he’s a nice guy………The guys talk about Mark Mulder’s performance last night—6 runs in 3 innings…..Tim thinks its weird how in 15 days the Cards thought he may retire, he changed his arm slot, was rumored to pitch in the majors this week, and now had a start like last night.

The Blues traded Jamal Mayers late last night to Toronto for a 3rd round pick in today’s draft (70th overall)……..Cat wanted him to stay and the Blues didn’t even consult him…..The community will be upset that Cat never got to play Mayers in one on one basketball…..

When the guys start talking about the exit poll questions, Tim said the real question is if a golfer is an athlete on the same level as a boxer? You could make an argument that Tiger is the most dominant, but it depends how you define athlete…..Doug brings up people Tim has never heard of as one of the best athletes of all time (Dan Patch).


Window World Exit Poll:

1. Most dominant athlete of all time? Tim: Michael Jordan; Cat: Babe Ruth; Doug: Babe Ruth

2. Most memorable Cardinals playoff moment of the decade? Doug: Pujols’ HR in Houston;

3. Most overrated major leaguer? Doug: Derek Jeter; Cat: Johnny Damon; Tim: Johan Santana

4. Do you think A-B will sell to InBev and will you still buy A-B products? Doug: yes & yes; Tim: yes & yes; Cat: Cat: yes & yes

5. Susan Sarandon, would ya? Doug: no; Tim: yes; Cat: no

6. Best stripper song: Tim: Betty Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes; Doug: Brick house; Cat: Convoy

7. Which pizza do you buy with your $5? Pizza Hut, Dominoe’s, Little Caesar’s, or Papa John’s? Doug: Imo’s which isn’t one of the choices; Cat: Pizza Hut;

Andy Strickland called in to report that the Blues have traded a 4th round pick for back-up goaltender Chris Mason of Nashville Predators.

Jamal Mayers:
jamal said it’s obviously a shock and he is disappointed but it’s part of the business……he found out after they made the deal……it doesn’t really soften the blow that it was toronto he was traded to even though that is where he is from…..he said that he is disappointed that he won’t have a chance to win in st. louis……no athlete has played in st. louis for a longer period than jamal……mayers said he is going to miss all his friends here in the city and he is going to miss his teammates……the phone call with larry plaue was pretty short, and there isn’t much he could say except thanking jamal for what he did for the city……cat said that of all the athletes who have given cat a concussion, jamal is his favorite……jamal said that his favorite memory would be winning a playoff series with the team because there was nothing better than that….. he hasn’t really thought about how it will feel to play against the blues.


Brad Straubinger of FSN Midwest called in to defend his list of the Top 10 Playoff moments of the Cards, and Cat told him he was making it worse and should hire a PR guy if he ever worked for the big network and had to talk to a real radio show….Doug said maybe he should hire an accountant if he can’t figure out that 11 moments should have been called the Top 11 moments in Cards’ Playoffs this Decade….Tim won’t accept that the Molina HR and Wainwright strikeout of Beltran should count as one moment.

Cindy Margolis:
cindy was chipper this morning and said she is always chipper…..listeners could win a date with her if they go to and register…..she said she “wishes she was a slut”…….she said she wishes she could go back in time and take advantage of the opportunities on the “casting couch”……cindy said that the famous girls in hollywood got the star roles (especially bay watch) because they went above and beyond on the casting couch…..she wants to enjoy being single and wants to go on a date with a gentleman…..she’s all for a long distance relationship……doug is a very small man all over but he has a great personality, but she isn’t very interested in that.

The guys wonder how Nick and the Badger would handle that interview, and conclude that the Badger would win the date with her.

Doug’s big line in the retirement home is “Where are my shoes!?!”

Leftover Riff Raff:
Ryan Ludwick called Doug bi-curious yesterday…..Cat was doing show prep halfway through the first hour……..Producer Joe studies ring patterns when he calls someone…… Cat hopes that Cindy Margolis big times the show……The Morning After is the Larry Sutton of sports talk radio shows……Betty Davis Eyes is the best stripper song……9 out of 10 Chinese Buffets have a sign that says “No Wasting”.……Blues fans have one person to blame for the Mayers trade—-Tim McKernan…….Cat said Doug is like a 70 year old man because he won’t accept the multiple choice answers…..Cat keeps mocking old timer Doug and yells “where are my shoes?! Has anyone seen my shoes!?!…….Cat was going to ask Cindy if she wastes food at the Chinese Buffet so he could get some hate email.