Frank Cusumano Discusses Latest From Houston NFL Owners Meetings

Brendan Marks, Tue, 12 Jan 2016 19:46:00 GMT

Frank Cusumano, host of The Press Box, is in Houston this week to cover the NFL owners meetings that will determine what teams will relocate to Los Angeles.

He called into The Writers’ Block on Tuesday to discuss the latest he’s hearing at the meetings as it relates to the future of the NFL in St. Louis.

We typed up some excerpts from the interview. Listen to the whole thing below:

What are you hearing about the meetings?

“I don’t know if everybody is in agreement. We know for sure the Inglewood plan was presented by Kevin Demoff, then the Carson plan was presented by Bob Iger. Then there was an open forum. There was some anticipation early in the day that the vote could come this afternoon…But because of how complicated this is…it may very well go into tomorrow.

“What we do know is the LA Committee has recommended the Carson project to the other owners.”

What’s the vibe the Chargers are giving off as far as how firm Dean Spanos is about his partnership with Mark Davis?

“It’s a mixed bag. I think it’s about 50-50 whether he really will stay with (Raiders owner Mark Davis) or not. I think the most interesting thing is how much (the San Diego market hates Dean Spanos). He is despised by San Diego.”

How do you think St. Louisans would react to not having NFL football if the Rams leave?

“I think it would be…chaos. I think people would be so disgusted and the hatred for this guy (would be in the stratosphere). I have kids. I like the fact they can go to the stadium and watch the NFL. To think we’re not going to be one of those cities…it’d be a terrible blow.”

On Kroenke possibly speaking to the media today or tomorrow:

“We’ve been told Stan Kroenke will be on the podium to answer questions (if he gets approval to move to Los Angeles).”

Here’s the complete segment:

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