Fox Sports’ Clay Travis talks endorsing Gary Johnson, state of Mizzou football

Fox Sports’ Clay Travis, founder of, on Wednesday joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After to discuss endorsing Gary Johnson, the Presidential Election and the state of Missouri football.

Listen to the interview here:

On his party affiliation:

“I used to work in Democratic politics. But as I’ve aged…I have become even more moderate. I was a lot more liberal as a young guy than I am now…and I think the Democratic Party has moved in some intriguing directions anyways. This year I’m voting for Gary Johnson.”

On why he endorsed Gary Johnson:

“I personally don’t find Trump or Hillary very likeable. I find myself to be a middle of the road guy, and I don’t think either party reflects my perspective. I tend to be a socially liberal guy, but a fiscally conservative guy. I think my perspective has changed as I’ve gotten older. People who say I’m wasting my vote, I disagree. I think you waste your vote when you vote for somebody who doesn’t represent what you believe. I think I owe it to (people to tell them who I am going to vote for since I talk so much politics on my show). I think if I had to choose between Hillary or Trump…I think Hillary is less likely to be a disaster. I think she could be a disaster, but I think Donald Trump has more disastrous capabilities.”

Do you think we’ll ever see a third party candidate be elected President?

“I don’t think Johnson ran a good campaign. I’m voting for him because he believes a lot of the things I believe. I don’t think he was a very good candidate. I think there’s the possibility at some point in the future (we’ll have a third party candidate as president). The mechanism of the party structure matters less now. It’s easier to get your message out than ever before. The network effect matters, and I think Gary Johnson could’ve tapped into that. He had a couple of goofs. He didn’t do well with some foreign policy questions. I think by voting for him…I am sending a message (to the two main parties that I don’t like what they’re doing).”