Former Slay Chief of Staff Talks MLS Stadium Vote, Timing of Results

Aerial view of the proposed SC STL stadium. Photo via HOK

Jeff Rainford, the former chief of staff of St. Louis Mayor Slay, called into The Press Box to discuss with Frank Cusumano the St. Louis MLS stadium vote and the preparations that went into the SC STL ownership group’s campaign efforts.

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Read some excerpts and listen to the complete interview below:

You think we’ll know by about 10 p.m. whether the soccer stadium vote passes?

“It’s up to the St. Louis Election Board. I’d be really surprised given their track record if it’s before 10. They’re one of the slowest election boards in the country when it comes to counting and getting final returns. Hopefully it won’t be later than 11 p.m.”

Do you think a lower turnout will help the stadium pass?

“I think that’s probably right…I think soccer people are really, really passionate about this and we know they’ll vote. So the smaller the turnout, the larger the portion of the turnout the soccer fans are.”

Do you think the SC STL ownership group did enough to campaign?

“They left no stone unturned and they left no trick in the bag. They made 69,000 to city voters. They knocked on 25,000 doors. They met with people in very small groups. They met with big groups. They met them in their homes, their churches, their community centers. It was incredible the amount of hard work.”