Former Goalie Brent Johnson Talks Blues, Says Team in “Playoff Mode”

Former Blues goalie and current Capitals analyst for CSN Mid-Atlantic, Brent Johnson, joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Monday to talk some Blues topics following their shut-out win over the Capitals Saturday night.

Read some quote and listen to the full interview here:

What did you think about the Blues’ 4-0 win over the Capitals Saturday?

“It was a fantastic game. It looks like the Blues have been in playoff mode for a while. Every time I sit and watch, they do not keep that puck to the perimeter at all. They have a lot of guys that make things tough for opposing goaltenders.”

On the Blues’ four straight shut-out wins:

“I tweeted about that. This is amazing. Zero goals, two goaltenders. Elliott three in a row, then Allen comes in. Allen did a fabulous job taking on one of the toughest teams and getting it done. Talk about pressure for Allen to play well because of how well they were playing in front of Elliott.”

What’s it like being in a goalie competition? Are you rooting against the other guy or is it all about the team?

“If you know that your role is a back-up goaltender, like mine was the last four years of my career, then I’m rooting for my teammate to do well. But if you’re in a competition, this is where things get cloudy. Because you want your team to win…but you want to get out there.”

“Earlier in my career (when I was on the bench), I would say it wouldn’t be so bad to win this game 6-5…so maybe I would get the chance next game (because he let up a lot of goals). (But the Blues) have a situation where both goaltenders are winning and both are playing well…so it’s going to be interesting to see what happens next.”

On the Washington Capitals, who have the most points in the NHL but lost to the Blues 4-0 over the weekend:

“I think the Capitals have been going through this funk of late…some of their teammates are saying it’s not good enough, the last two months have kind of been a half-assed effort each night. I think they have some things to work on. But they don’t want to go into the playoffs with them forming bad habits. That’s one of the problems I see with them. They need to start stronger and keep leads…Lately, they’ve had slow starts or are playing from behind. I’d be concerned about that. They’ve had things locked up for a while…I think the mindset hasn’t been as strong, they haven’t been playing for much. I think that’s unfortunate because that creates bad habits.”

Here’s the complete interview:

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