Former GM Duquette talks Cardinals’ hacking punishment, offseason on “The Morning After”

Former MLB baseball GM Jim Duquette

Former MLB general manager and current MLB Network radio host, Jim Duquette, joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After to give his thoughts on MLB’s punishment of the Cardinals for the unauthorized access of a Houston Astros database.

He also gave his thoughts on the Cardinals offseason and predicts whether the team will make the playoffs in 2017.

Read some excerpts and listen to the full interview below (starts at the 3:15 mark):

The Cardinals were forced to give two draft picks and $2 million to the Astros. What did you think of the punishment?

“My first reaction…I thought it was really, really harsh on the Cardinals. I understand from the side of MLB, you want to be preventative. Teams value that second-round pick at about $3 to $4 million…and the next pick would probably be (about $2.5 million). You take all those things combined, that’s a pretty severe penalty for a rogue employee. But at the same time, there’s some culpability for the Cardinals in that he was their employee. I was a little surprised the Cardinals took that big of a hit…but Commissioner Manfred was sending a message out there that he’s not going to allow this to happen.”

More on the Cardinals losing two draft picks:

“Those spots in the draft are really a crapshoot to some degree. I was talking to a current GM yesterday…he said the success rate in those areas are not that high. There’s a silver lining here…because it’s hit or miss in that area anyways. They can recover from it and it shouldn’t take that long.”