Former All-Star Bret Boone Talks New Book, Career, Alcoholism

Former Mariners second baseman Bret Boone joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After to talk about his new book, Home Game Big-League Stories from My Life in Baseball’s First Family.

Boone touches on his baseball family, his career, playing for the best regular season team in MLB history and his battle with alcoholism, among several other topics.

Read a few excerpts and listen to the complete interview below:

Can you talk about your alcoholism, which you revealed in the book?

“It’s something that kind of slowly snuck up on me. It ripped the passion out of me. I fight it today on a daily basis. It’s a disease and I have it. I’m well aware of it. I put that in the book…so maybe some day, I can help another guy so he doesn’t have to go down the same road. It can be pretty dark.”

When did it start?

“This is something that came on later in life. Me in my 20s, it was never an issue. As I had more success…came a little more abuse. I think it came hand in hand. It’s a progressive disease. In my early 30s and as I headed towards retirement, it definitely became an issue.”

Your Mariners team in 2001 won 116 games. How do you remember that?

“What a year it was. It was such a special year. It just seemed like every day at the ballpark the other team looked like they thought they were going to lose. I look back on it, I can’t believe we didn’t win the whole thing. It was a magical year. The only excuse I can come up with…is that the last month, month and a half…we had like postseason press (asking if we’re going to break the record). The night we did it, it was almost like we won the World Series. And then we had to play the postseason. Then 9/11 happened (and became a big part of everything).”