Video: Timberfake, Ryan Kelley weigh in for The “Battle on Broadway” (Pres. by Bud Select)

Timberfake and Ryan Kelley do a stare-down after the official Battle on Broadway Weigh-in.

Tonight is the night. Ryan “The Home Loan Expert” Kelley and Timberfake will step into the squared circle for “The Battle on Broadway” at South Broadway Athletic Club at approximately 10 p.m. with doors opening at 7 p.m.

Last night, the official weigh-in for the fight was held at HotShots Sports Bar and Grill’s Ballwin location during a live-to-tape edition of The Morning After (watch the video below).

Ryan Kelley first stepped on the scale and weighed 168.44 lbs. Timberfake came in
next at 146.40 lbs.

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After the weigh-in, Timberfake had some choice words for “The Home Loan Expert,” who was unfazed by the #1 Play Baby’s tactics.

Donning the leopard print trunks “a la Prince Naseem”, Timberfake, Bud Light in hand, bounced with glee, ready to defend his title.

Team Timberfake trainer, Dave Jackson, wasn’t pleased with his fighter’s shenanigans.

Ryan Kelley, along with trainer Harold Petty and training partner Jerome Jordan, stood watching with a blank stare and wore the eyes of a lion ready to pounce on his prey.

“Hey, you know there’s a rematch clause, but I ain’t worried about that,” Timberfake shouted.

“You’re not going to want a rematch,” Kelley rebutted.

“Hey I heard you say knockout round three! I’m going to outbox you, but we’ll keep it sexy, a sexy fight all around,” proclaimed Timberfake.

After a few more jabs and a rather intense stare-down, the two camps parted ways only to meet again tonight when it really matters.

The training is complete, the fighters are prepared, and the bets have been placed. Las Vegas favors “The Home Loan Expert” and so does the TMA Fan Pin, but we all remember what happened in 2012.

The champion from the streets of South city against the man who’s built one of the most successful businesses in the Midwest from the ground up.

It’s Timberfake v. Kelley.