Father of Kevin Knox Discusses Mizzou Visit, Son’s College Decision

From left to right: Michael Porter, Jr., Blake Harris, Kevin Knox

The father of Kevin Knox, the highly-touted basketball prospect who visited the University of Missouri this past weekend, joined The Press Box on Tuesday to talk about the official visit and discuss details on when the prized recruit will announce his college decision.

Give us an idea on what Kevin thought of his trip to Mizzou last week:

“I was on the trip with him. What a beautiful campus. It was really good. We had a great time. Cuonzo did a great job selling the program, selling how he coaches. We walked away really impressed.

What did you think about the way Mizzou students showed their passion during Kevin’s visit to Columbia?

“We’re driving around campus and they really, really opened up the doors and showed their love for Kevin Knox. Everywhere we went, him and Michael Porter, they just really showed the love for those two.”

Who makes the decision on where Kevin will play his college ball?

“Obviously, Kevin is always going to make that decision. I said a long time ago…I’m not going to make that decision. Coaches have to recruit and make Kevin feel comfortable.”

When will Kevin announce his college decision?

“He will do it sometime in April, probably the 28th through May 2. We hold two sessions every single week and we debate about each college. Pros, cons. We’ll finish up sometime the 26th and he’ll announce sometime after that. We have a set of criteria we’re looking at. The head coach, the coaching staff, offense, defense, teammates. We put that in a pot and stir it up. I’m basically just opening discussions to open up his mind. He’s never been through this process….so I’m basically being an advisor and consultant.”

With schools like Duke and North Carolina recruiting Kevin, why would he choose Missouri?

“I think at this point in time…Missouri has come late in the game. We would choose Missouri because of Michael Porter. He’s a huge influence. I told that to Cuonzo Martin. If it wasn’t for Michael Porter reaching out, we wouldn’t be in this situation. As a byproduct of Michael Porter reaching out, I’ve gotten to know a very good coach. Let’s face it, the foundation of this…would be the opportunity of Michael Porter (and Kevin Knox playing together could be really special for the state of Missouri).”