Ex-Cardinal Matt Holliday Talks Playing Former Team, New York Yankees Transition

Matt Holliday reunited with Fox Sports MW reporter and TMA co-host Jim Hayes (photo by Derrick Goold)

Former Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday now serves as the Yankees designated hitter and will play against his ex-teammates in New York this weekend.

Holliday joined The Midday Grind on Friday to discuss what it will be like playing against his friends and former teammates and talk some topics about his time in St. Louis.

Listen to the interview and read some excerpts below:

How’s life been in New York and playing for the Yankees?

“It’s going well. We’ve had unseasonably warm weather. We’ve played well. We’re doing pretty well.”

“We’re in the city. We’re going to experience some of the culture and do some of the things around town like the shows, the museums and Central Park and really take it in.”

“I think as a kid growing up around baseball as someone who fancies himself a baseball rat, putting on the Yankee pinstripes and being part of a franchise in the Yankees, coming from a franchise like the Cardinals, to get a chance to be part of the most winning franchises in both the American and National League, there was an element (that this was really cool).”

What will it be like playing against your former Cardinal teammates this weekend?

“It’ll be strange playing in a meaningful game and lining across the field from them. And facing Wainwright on Monday will be strange for sure. I love those guys and respect the heck of them. But we’ll line up and compete. As athletes you learn how to compartmentalize and dig in and compete and then turn the page and be friends again. I’m sure (we’ll hug after the game).”

On the difference between playing for Tony La Russa and Mike Matheny:

“I think Tony is a little more…very, ‘Hey, my day goes on how the (game goes tonight).’ The funny thing is I honestly think he meant (‘ask me tonight’ after the game when he was asked how he was doing that day). Mike, I don’t think lets losses quite ruin his day the way Tony does. But they both prepare diligently and do everything they can to win that evening. I enjoyed playing for both and think both of their styles work.”