ESPN’s Mark Saxon Talks Cardinals Topics Heading into Yankees Series

Mike Leake Cardinals beat writer Mark Saxon joined The Morning After on Friday to discuss some Redbirds topics ahead of their weekend series against the Yankees in New York. Read some excerpts and listen to the full interview below:

On how the win over Max Scherzer and the Nationals felt like a big one on Wednesday:

“It hard to say so early in the season that game was a huge game, but it felt pretty important to stop some of the bad vibes. I felt the clubhouse was a little tense after the first two games in Washington. I do think what Mike Leake was to go out there and be on point…I think it settled them down that they can be the team they want to be. For early in the year it was a big psychological win.”

Why do you think Matt Adams was playing over Randal Grichuk the other day in the outfield?

“I don’t agree that it is a good move. It’s not like Grichuk has started like the world is on fire. Nobody is really hitting. If you look at the roster, they’d be better served to have a true fourth outfielder they’d play regularly. If you look at roster construction, that’s really where the problem is. They have to figure out if Adams is versatile enough to be a bench guy, because you can’t have one-dimensional bench players in the National League.”