ESPN analyst, St. Louis native Taylor Twellman on why he thinks city needs MLS

Taylor Twellman, ESPN soccer analyst and St. Louis native, joined The Midday Grind to discuss next Tuesday’s soccer stadium vote and his passion for bringing MLS to the “Gateway City.”

Read some excerpts and listen to the full interview below:

On why he thinks St. Louis needs the MLS:

“I think we struggle mentioning Kansas City has surpassed St. Louis (in terms of downtown activities, not just the sports). It’s fact, not opinion. We always thought Kansas City was an afterthought. Now, all of a sudden, St. Louis is an afterthought. And for whatever reason, downtown has to be revived. When people are talking about a soccer stadium, a soccer team, (it brings in young professionals). That’s who you want to attract to a downtown area. I think we’re all mistaking ourselves if we think St. Louis is relevant. It’s not. People live in the county and they go to the city for (an event) and that’s it. That’s got to change.”

What’s your level of concern the stadium vote doesn’t pass?

“My level of concern…people don’t want to do their own homework, they don’t want to do real homework. I have zero problem if you’re against something if you don’t have the right information.”