Email of the Day (8/4/16): Doug for Mayor

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Greetings friends,

I’m here to tell you about mayoral candidate Doug Vaughn. This fine gentleman possesses the two most important qualities in a candidate. Machine gun proficiency, and absolutely zero political experience. He has a plan to cut down kids on your lawn by 40%. And Doug Vaughn fought the big phone companies when they tried to give us phones with such small buttons. Doug also has an initiative to stop all the young people with their loud music and their laziness. Also, please join us at Orlando gardens this weekend for a townhall debate between doug and an empty folding chair that he keeps referring to as crooked hillary.¬† So this spring when you step into the voting booth pull the leever for Doug Vaughn. A candidate I can really get behind.

I’m the hipster of tower grove south and I approve this message.

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