Email of the Day (8/9/16): Pressed for time

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I am pressed for time. Here is an email from yesterday.


I am feeling so good after my win on Friday. Ha. I had a great weekend because of it. I thank you guys for that. Seriously.

Well Charles, I am going for win #2 in a row with a steaming hot tea kettle of a take. So get ready to be burned like a forest that is on fire. Ha.

I watched Olympics on Saturdee. I witnessed a bike race with human women. The first place girl fell. Ouch. Ha. Then our American gal took the lead. USA. USA. Ha. Then with about 100yards left, she got passed by three other competitors.

I bet that didn’t feel good. No. Hey, you just spent your whole life fine tuning your body for one race just to come up short. Well, that is the Olympics I guess. Ha.

Just kidding. You are the best of us and America still loves you.

Kevin Shipp “it”

Oh and PS: Charlie, I have a new 8K TV to sell you. It’s 2 times better than 4K. Ha. Just kidding. Congrats buddy.

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