Email of the Day (8/25/16): Programming notes

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Guys, Plops here.

As assistant program director I’ve been thinking about new segments and such to really excite the audience, tease their shrubs and most importantly increase our market share.  Starting September 1st we’ll debut a new weekly segment called “The Top 5 Races”.  Various racists from the fanpage will be encouraged to call in and give a list of the races or ethnicity’s they feel are the best that week.  Will the whites dominate or perhaps will Asians karate kick us right out of the top 3?  Time will tell.  Hello Ratings!!!  That’s phase one of my plan.   Phase two- RV.  That’s right.  No successful radio station in this market has ever really truly thrived without dumping 50 grand into an RV.  We’ll call it the “Chuck Wagon” and it will be covered in a wrap that so that it looks like a giant nude Charlie Marlow rolling down 270.  We’ll occasionally park it in busy public areas and guys in g-strings and toe rings will pour out of it and just start going at it-sexually on the sidewalks in front of people while “My Prerogative” from Bobby Brown thumps on the RV’s sound system.  Men, this is radio in 2016.  Get used to it.

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