Email of the Day (8/15/16): Your new assistant program director

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Guys, Plops Here…

I’m pretty excited about the big move to 590.  Here’s a peek into the future 4 weeks from now- You guys will have some professional photography done…like a team picture and everyone will put on the suits they borrow from their brother-in-laws.  By September 15th we’ll be hit with our first super awkward moment as the team picture now features someone who has left the company on not the greatest of terms – so our new picture will need to be destroyed yet again because you can’t look at it without getting a sick feeling in your stomach. As the self appointed assistant program director of this new station, I’ve personally taken it upon myself to trim back on some of these silly spending procedures.  For example, no more high fees for pictures with a shelf life worse than breast milk.  We’re doing the shoot this afternoon in my basement.  One guy at a time will come over and sit for me “Olan Mills Style” against my backdrop that features red and blue lasers…made the damn thing myself.  I’ll then Photoshop each picture together so it looks like a group photo and if needed, I can easily remove those Tim and I end up firing.  Maybe I pleasure myself during the shoots, maybe I don’t.  That’s a decision to be made by management, so you let me worry about that.


Misty Plops – Assistant Program Director

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