Email of the Day (8/1/16): Corn stalks

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Morning boysss,

I’m just back from Ft Lauderdale, #blessed and I’m never missing a TMA live event again. Don’t you hate it when, whilst recreating, the TP roll is jammed in too tight and you can’t get more than one square out without ripping? Lemme tell you, in spring, Doug and I were having one of our thopless BBQs when he took an ear of corn, slid it longways down his gullet, and pulled it out with nary a kernal remaining. It was sooo hoth. As we went for a post BBQ jog down Hampton, Doug felt the need to empty his bowels in front of a vacant radio station.

And that’s how the corn got in front of the 920 studios.

Well, we all have stories.

-Jamie Moyer’s Fancy Foyer

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