Email of the Day (8/11/16): A dream

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I had a dream last night that I was in an MMM with Myself, Doug and Corey Feldman.  We were acting out scenes from the legendary 1988 coming of age comedy “License to Drive”.  I was playing the part of “Les”-obviously because I’m the dreamy one.  Corey played the same role he played in the film and Doug played “Mercedes”…the hot blonde that dances on the hood of the car in high heel shoes.  We parked the Lebarron on that strip of grass alongside the Edward Jones dome…you know, the one they tried to convince us was a park for 15 years?  Yeah, we hopped the Lebarron up on the curb, popped in my Frank Sinatra “Strangers in the Night” tape and Doug started dancing in a t-back on the hood while drinking champagne.  Mind you, while this is going on Corey and I are full blown getting after it.  We look like a couple of dogs cleaning each other.  Then from off the hood, Doug turns around, yells out “STINGER SPLASH!!!” and plummets down on top of us with a flying belly flop.  I was awaken by a strange breezy feeling…I looked down only to find that I was now completely shaved downstairs!  Guys, when I went to bed my banana looked like Phil The Gorilla was curled up around it…all kinds of wild black hair.  This morning..smooth as a wet dolphin.  Doug, don’t you just love it when the lord works like this?  I do.  Thanks.

-The Elusive Misty Plops

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