Email of the Day (8/10/16): Mr. Ogles

Alex Reyes

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I heard you talking about me today Mr. Vaughn ok hmm got it? It’s me ok, Mr. Ogles ok hmm ok mmga? I remember you were the little bald kid who was always smelling the cute guys Petri dishes ok mm hmm ok? Just kidding. It’s me, Kevin Shipp.

Ut oh. And what’s this? Weee oooooo weeee oooo. It’s a fire truck siren. It’s coming because my hot take is gonna burn your houses down while you sleep inside. Ha. Jk.

That Cardinals game was rough last night. It was like they weren’t even trying out there. C’mon guys. Try a little harder. Ha. Just kidding. I am sure they work very hard every day.

Alex Reyes made his historic debut last night. Oh, and Michael Phelps just won his 46th gold medal. Gee. What do those two have in common besides total human optimization? Hmm. What could it be? What could it be? Plowsy? Ha. Just kidding. You guys get it.

Thank you for your time,

Kevin Shipp “it”

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