Derrick Goold talks Reyes injury fallout, Wacha’s health, Wainwright looking bigger

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After from Spring Training to discuss a number of Cardinals topics, including the fallout of  Alex Reyes’ season-ending injury, Michael Wacha’s health, Adam Wainwright’s offseason results and the team’s potential everyday line-up.

Read some excerpts and listen to the full story below (starts at 21:15):

What’s the mood like around the Cardinals with Reyes officially out for the year?

“I think they are sort of plugging along. I feel like the vibe is different than last year (when Peralta went down). I wonder if it was the timing of Peralta’s injury (compared to Reyes’). I wonder if it was the position (with Peralta being an everyday player compared to a pitcher in Reyes). I think there’s a sense of this really stinks for the individual…But for the team, they have to press on.”

On the team not knowing what they have in Michael Wacha:

“That’s definitely the case…and they won’t know until inning 100, inning 120, inning 140. In spring training (you can’t predict how a guy is going to look in the middle of July). What Wacha has to do in spring in win the job and show as much durability and feel for his pitches as he can so he has the chance to go out and make 20, 24 starts. It’s just not realistic to look at him in spring and say they can count on him for the whole season. The big thing for him is to show he’s healthy and strong and have command of that fastball.”

On Adam Wainwright looking bigger and stronger:

“Wainwright looked like he was towering over (Johnathan Broxton the other day). He’s added a lot…he’s barrel-chested. He seems to have really been able to throw himself into the workouts. It’s been a few years since he’s been able to do that.”