Derrick Goold talks Cardinals Spring Training topics from Jupiter

St. Louis Post-Dispatch lead Cardinals beat writer, Derrick Goold, joined The Midday Grind on Friday to discuss a variety of Redbirds topics.

Read some excerpts and listen to the full interview below:

On Trevor Rosenthal’s struggles Thursday:

“He was not efficient (on Thursday). It was a lot like (his struggles in the past). He allows two walks in the first inning, allows two hits in the second inning, leaves the ball over the plate. He doesn’t quite have the ability to finish off innings (right now). That’s not good for any role he wants.”

On Jhonny Peralta vs. Jed Gyroko and playing time:

“It doesn’t really matter who’s starting at third on Opening Day. It matters who’s going to start more. Peralta is going to start more there. I’d say it’s maybe 60-40, the split between Wong and Gyorko at second base. That’ll be interesting to watch. What it is on Opening Day…isn’t going to be what it will be in June.”