Dave Matter talks Cuonzo Martin hire, believes Porter Jr. signs with Missouri

Michael Porter, Jr.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Missouri beat writer, Dave Matter, joined Frank Cusumano on The Press Box Monday to discuss Cuonzo Martin’s introductory press conference. He also talked about Martin’s staff and the chances the Tigers can land highly-prized recruit Michael Porter, Jr.

Read some excerpts and listen to the complete interview below:

What do you expect from Cuonzo Martin’s introductory press conference today?

“They’re inviting the fans. The doors are open to the public. There’s a lot of excitement over this hire. The fact Missouri did this so fast, they got somebody they wanted. Cuonzo Martin is the guy Jim Sterk really likes for this job and we’re going to find out what he has to say today.”

What’s the latest you’re hearing on Michael Porter Jr. possibly signing with Mizzou?

“There’s been some discussions between Cuonzo Martin (and Michael Porter Sr.) about Porter joining the staff in some capacity. They’re not going to bring Porter Sr. on without Porter Jr. signing. You can call it a packaged deal if you want. For the last…I’d say over a year….it seems like Porter Jr. has been looking for a way to stay in Columbia. He likes it here and likes Mizzou Arena). He grew up here from 6th grade on. Now that opportunity is here. At this stage, I wouldn’t say it’s a done deal…but I would be surprised at this point if it didn’t work out that way.”