Chris Kerber on Blues’ playoff chase: Next six games a “real challenge”

KMOX’s “Voice of the Blues” Chris Kerber chatted with Frank Cusumano on The Press Box to preview Tuesday night’s Blues-Wild game, the recent play of Jake Allen and the Blues’ favorable schedule to wrap up the season.

Read some excerpts and listen to the full interview below:

On the Blues’ tough, then easy schedule to close out the regular season:

“The challenge is they have a favorable final 12 games. It’s can you get there in a good spot? The next six games are the real challenge. You start in Minnesota, you come home to play Anaheim. The Islander are battling for their playoff lives. Then you got LA, who you’re neck and neck with. Then back to Anaheim, then to San Jose.

“If you can survive that, you have a chance to be in pretty good shape. Because you play Colorado three more times, Arizona three more times. The ultimate key is to be able to get there and play good hockey when you do get there.”

On the Kings’ remaining opponents:

“Over the rest of the season, the LA Kings play Calgary three times head to head. That means one of those two teams is getting two points. (The Blues’) task of winning becomes confounded…because some nights the team you’re chasing or nipping at your heels is guaranteed to get two points no matter what because of head to head match-ups.”

On Jake Allen playing at an elite level despite the recent string of losses:

“He is playing well. He’s definitely turned the corner after that dry spell he had. The goalscoring (went AWOL about eight games into Mike Yeo’s tenure). They had to cut down on goals against. They’ve managed to do that. Now they have to rediscover some of the offense. Our skilled forwards have got to start outworking the other team’s goalie and they have got to start getting the desire to get to the front of the net. If you don’t have someone banging around in front…it’s going to be hard. Somehow there still needs to be that type of attitude. They’re not made up of a lot of those players. Is it going to be a Patrick Berglund (or Dimitri Jaskin)? The other guys are not your get-to-the-front-of-the-net type of players and I think that’s really hurt this hockey team lately.”